Generally Speaking

For the most part, WildFly Swarm is consumed through Maven artifacts, resembling pom.xml entries such as


We highly recommend using one of our BOMs so that you don’t need to specify versions of each component you bring in:


For more information, please see How to use a BOM in the documentation.

Directly Downloadable

We do provide a few directly downloadable and usable items:


SwarmTool can be used to take an existing .war and "swarmify" it.

MicroProfile Server

Our MicroProfile server can be used to run an existing MicroProfile-compliant .war file.

Keycloak Server

Our Keycloak standalone server may be used to run your own Keycloak easily.

Management Console Server

Our runnable WildFly Management Console may be used to manage your WildFly Swarm application (if they include the management fraction).

Swagger UI

Our runnable Swagger UI server makes it easy to launch the Swagger UI.